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Shashank Aswathanarayana is a music technologist, percussionist and researcher from Bengaluru, India. He recently received a PhD in Media Arts and Technology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research interests include spatial/3D audio, psychoacoustics, soundscape studies, music and religious studies. 


Humtap is evolving the way we communicate and connect with each other. Humtap's first product is a seamless iOS music-making social media app with video sharing capabilities. With one click, users can capture or upload a short video clip and the app will reproduce the video with an original soundtrack. The music is produced simultaneously in Rock, Hip-hop and Electro styles for the user to choose from. 

I Hear Bangalore3D is an attempt to capture and render 3D recordings of various iconic locations of the city of Bangalore. First order ambisonic recordings were done and processed so that they can be played back using a speaker array configuration through real time matrixing or using headphones through binaural renderings of the recordings. This project has both aesthetic and informational use to it.

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